Cottesea, was born from a true story of friendship and travel...

Our history

An expatriate life of exploration and cultural learning translated into colorful, unique and stylish beach towel designs. Inspirations drawn through many travels.

In 2018, the founders took the crazy gamble of creating their brand from a distance.

Leila lives in the UK and Clémence in the Seychelles. It all started with a simple idea between the two founders, childhood best friends, who wanted to create large, durable and luxurious beach towels.

Only 8,157.58 km separate them...

The notions of sustainability and eco-responsibility were essential.

The designers have decided to work with certified or recycled natural materials, committed partners, limited quantities at fair prices.


Our source of inspiration.

The Seychelles archipelago is a small paradise located in the Indian Ocean, known for its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation. It is here that Clémence, one of the founders, has been an expatriate for several years.

It is in this exceptional natural setting that the inspiration was born for our first collection of Cottesea beach towels. The landscapes of the Seychelles have inspired many of our designs. Colorful patterns that evoke the shapes and colors of the surrounding nature.

The vibrant sun of the archipelago is transcribed through our color choices; energizing and vibrant!

We have sought to capture the natural beauty of this unique place in every product we create. The products are tested on the exotic beaches of the Indian Ocean and naturally, our

photo shoots are carried out on site in order to capture the elegance and authenticity of this unique place which blends perfectly with our creations.